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The backpack is made from 1 general compartment, easy to access, with three internal pockets and a closure cap. One of these pockets is a pouch, removable, attached to the backpack with Velcro and repositionable externally, under the hood to be at your fingertips without having to open your backpack.

Weight: 2200 gr

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1 pocket in the hood externally accessible, with zip top quality e garantite:
4 ski rack plates or other materials with retaining straps
2 + 2 semi special slots on the waist belt to put materials.         
2 modular vertical bands (formed by a single folded tape) with :
7 positions each to put accessories 
2 plastic hooks (one of each)
4 slots on the bottom to bring the ax.
4 triangular faces squeeze-bag for additional locking of the load            
2 pockets “ hold-ski base” with side compression straps on lateral/bottom
2 emergency handles (1 at the top of the backrest and one formed by the turn of the 2 module clamps on the front of pack).
Hooks / levers / accessories of known brands : NEXUS ITW + DURAFLEX


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