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Evolution5 Holsters



The line of holsters EVOLUTION5 2.0, in injection stamped polymer has been created with a new design, new security and locking systems, new belt loops, new tactical leg plates and several new accessories for the placing of the holster.

The elevated characteristics make it shock resistant, resistant both to hot and cold temperatures, wear, compression and traction resistant.

The insertion and the extraction of the arm with this holster is optimal in any climatic situation, it does not undergo any type of alteration, it does not need any internal lining or similar because it does not have any protruding or visible metal parts.

The accurate choice of the raw materials and the evoluted productive technology give the EVOLUTION5 2.0 holster a very high technical and esthetic quality.

The security level consents the protection of the arm and at the same time guarantees a quick extraction.

The EVOLUTION5 2.0 system is composed of fixed, rotating and removable belt loops, in order to obtain several inclinations and positions.

This holster EA08 is photographed with BLP belt loop.


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FSIR Fast & Sale Index Release

A fast and safe release system, very easy to use.

When the weapon is inserted in the holster the locking system is activated automatically.

This system acts on the trigger of the arm.

A light touch with your index finger automatically releases the weapon.



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