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The Next Level of medical pockets
The plastic support and cords designed and tested specifically for use in this pouch allow you to keep the material stable, organize and use it in the best possible way.
The pocket is a quick-access medical pouch designed to carry the vacuum-sealed ETA Trauma Kit (not included) or, if you prefer, its individual medical components.
The highly visible red handle allows opening with a simple pull and with just a glance during use.
Pocket holder with M.O.L.L.E. system for a stable, immediate and safe fixing.
Front Velcro book for the application of both a patch and at the same time, inside, other accessories equipped with Velcro.
Weight: 350 gr

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  • Made of durable Nylon
  • Webbing and tone-on-tone velcro
  • Side MOLLE pads for tourniquet fixing
  • Red nylon handle to indicate the medical pocket
  • Zips turned inside to keep out dust and dirt
  • Velcro panel for identification patches
  • Material holder structure in plastic material
  • Dimension 13*18*6cm


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